…a refreshing kind of design

LisaSo here’s the deal: working with a creative design consultant shouldn’t be scary or cost a bunch. Sometimes all you need is a minor furniture adjustment or a paint color change to completely transform a look.  But hey, sometimes it takes a bit more. Breath of Fresh Flair takes a new approach to interior design and changes your space so it feels good. It’s really not complicated, but a little change can make a huge difference in how you feel!

I believe everyone deserves a happy place, a place they feel comfortable, happy and free to just “be”. What makes a space happy? It could be the color, the arrangement, the décor. Whatever it is, you feel good. It’s like a beautiful package.

Design has the power to create emotion.

  • If you feel good about your home interior, you’re relaxed and creative.
  • If your home is staged well, it will appeal to a wide range of buyers and sell quickly.
  • If your business is visually appealing, your customers are inclined to stay and to buy.
  • If your online presence is well designed, your customers will feel connected to you.

So here’s how I help:

I learn about you and what you want to create.

I assess your needs and find solutions that work for the way you live and do business.

I use your existing items in a refreshing, new way (but only if you love them! No hanging onto stuff that makes you unhappy).

I work within your budget, whether it’s “the sky’s the limit”, or teeny tiny. My job is to help you find your happy place!

So, if you’re looking for a refreshing change, call me at 816-522-3961!
I create beautiful packages that make you happy